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5G Ready XaaS Platform

Delivering unprecedented interoperability and ultra-low latency to empower the

Metaverse, Extended Realities, Edge Gaming & AI applications 

across hybrid cloud and edge environments in the 5G era.

FusionFlow™ XaaS Platform

FusionFlow is an enterprise-ready platform for deploying and managing applications in heterogeneous environments. FusionFlow has been designed to provide the speed and power of cloud-based deployment and orchestration — containers, virtualization, microservices — on-premise, in the cloud and at the edge.

Application Enablement Icon

Application Enablement

FusionFlow enables applications to be run on any cloud and bare metal environment, be it at the edge on the customers’ premise or in the public cloud, addressing all requirements for secured, low latency and scalable digital services.

Cloud Capabilities Icon

Advanced Cloud Capabilities

Ability to deploy applications and virtual machines to various types of cloud service including their Edge cloud such as AWS Outpost and Azure Stack Hub for 5G Environment to maximize the capability and the efficiency of application operations and services.

Network Capabilities Icon

Unique Network Capabilities

FusionFlow overcomes the limitations of underlay networks by introducing a secured, lightweight and DPDK based high performance SDN network controller. Various network features combine traditional private/public cloud environment and provide flexibility to connect Virtual Machines, Workload and geographically separated locations.

The SkyLab Value Proposition

5G Icon

Empowering 5G enabled cross-border XaaS

FusionFlow empowers 5G enabled ultra-low latency private and multi-cloud IaaS and PaaS for domestic and cross-border markets, leveraging on 5G Local Breakout (LBO) and content roaming. 

Facilitating Enterprise Icon

Facilitating Enterprise Private & Public Cloud 

FusionFlow facilitates the seamless provision of private and multi-cloud enviroments for both large enterprises and SMEs.

Industry Specific SaaS Icon

Industry Specific

Get access to market leading industry specific SaaS, solutions and expertise through our specially curated ecosystem of global partners. 

Professional Services Icon

Trusted Professional Services

Eliminate the complexity of legacy to cloud-native migration with our team of highly experienced professionals.  

Agile Development Icon

Agile Development 

Enhance your software and solution development capabilities to meet evolving market needs by leveraging our proven CI/CD capabilities. 

New Business Models Icon

Developing New Business Models

FusionFlow enables our clients to rapidly develop innovative business models by leveraging ultra-low latency 5G infrastructure.

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