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FusionFlow Cloud Service Platform

FusionFlow is a cloud service platform that brings together leadership-class infrastructure with agile, scalable performance for the most challenging AI and high-performance computing (HPC) workloads.

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FusionFlow™ White Paper

Blurring the barriers between any kind of infrastructure, FusionFlow enables applications to be run on any cloud and bare metal environment, enabling applications to be shifted closer to the edge and the customer premise or remain in the cloud based on cost considerations, network congestion, time criticality, and confidentiality of applications.

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Webinar: The Impact of 5G and MEC Technology on Smart Cities & Transportation

In this discussion, speakers from SkyLab, Supermicro and Intel discuss the value and impact of 5G and MEC technology on Smart City and Transportation businesses and authorities, the most promising use cases, how distributed edge computing can help meet long-term city goals, and how the 5G and MEC technology landscape will create a more resilient and sustainable future in a post-COVID environment.


FusionFlow as a Service

FusionFlow as a Service provides data center operators with a flexible approach to delivering a more diverse catalogue of products and services, enabling more effective utilization of infrastructure resources and an extensive range of innovative service offerings for small, medium and large enterprise customers.

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New Cloud Opportunities for Service Providers

With 5G, service providers now have the opportunity to differentiate their services beyond basic connectivity and cloud services.

They can meet demand for ultra-low latency requirements by offering 5G enabled private or multi-cloud IaaS or PaaS. These could be both for domestic as well as cross-border demand through the federation of cloud services afforded by software defined networking capabilities, leveraging off their own data centers as well as those of partners and affiliates.

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FusionFlow™ : Extend Beyond the Data Center

FusionFlow provides a single unified platform for hosting companies and data center operators to deliver a wide range of innovative products and services to customers across hybrid environments, allowing their customers to deploy, manage, and operate infrastructure, applications and services seamlessly across all environments from data center, public cloud and on-premise edge.

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Solution Brief Converged Edge AI Intelligent Traffic Management

SkyLab and Supermicro used the Intel® Edge Software Hub when developing the SkyLab MEC platform road traffic solution to reduce complexity and time to market.

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