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FusionFlow™ enables applications to be run on any cloud & bare metal environment, enabling applications to be shifted closer to the edge at the customer premise or remain in the cloud based on network latency, time criticality, application access rights & cost considerations.

FusionFlow Architecture Diagram

FusionFlow™ is an XaaS platform with an array of tools to accelerate the deployment and enablement of new products in any environment

Enterprise Class Virtualization Icon

Enterprise-class virtualization in heterogeneous environments, container platform based on Kubernetes and Docker.

Distributed storage Icon

Distributed storage for persistent volume storage and container registry.

Marketplace Icon

Marketplace, a digital catalogue of curated  solutions enabling customers to discover, purchase, deploy, and manage class-leading third-party applications.

Built-in Automation Icon

Built-in automation for resource provisioning, application deployment, and infrastructure configuration.

Cloud Abstraction Layer Icon

Cloud Abstraction Layer (CAL), enabling the provisioning of resources in any public or private cloud environment.

Software Defined Network Icon

Advanced software defined network features securing connectivity between all environments.

Key Features & Functionalities

Infrastructure Services

Network Services

Application Deployment


Virtual Network Management

Manage VNET/VPC/VLAN/EVPN enabling communication between VMs and other devices across different locations. Greater flexibility in provisioning network to specific needs and applications; and the capacity to move workloads across the network infrastructure without compromising service, security, and availability.

Storage Services

Monitoring & Logging

Multi-Cloud Providers

Deploy and manage virtual machines and applications in any cloud service provider environments, including their edge infrastructure

Vault Management

Secure, store and tightly control access to tokens, passwords, certificates, encryption keys for protecting secrets and other sensitive data including SSH keys and cloud accounts.

Multi-Resource Groups

Collection of managed resources (compute, network and storage) used to facilitate the provisioning of infrastructure and resources. 

Resource Provisioning

Provisioning of resources in heterogeneous environments: Public Cloud Resource Provisioning (Workload, VM) and Private Cloud Resource Provisioning (Workload, VM).


Secure, fully isolated and secure tenant segregation provide true multi-tenancy even on shared infrastructure.

Cross-Vendor Support

Any physical hardware, any cloud provider or any virtual resource in any environment can be managed.

Dedicated Service Zone

Provide tenants with dedicated zones for assignment of specific resources

Express Connect™

Provides reliable and secure cloud and edge computing and connection to 5G networks, allowing FusionFlow to deliver improved reliability, faster speeds, consistent latencies, and higher security than typical connections. 

App Connect

Provides direct connection to an application running on a workload node inside the cluster.

Edge Connect

Provides connectivity to edge resources in AWS Outpost and Azure Stack Edge zones through managed Elastic IPs.

Overlay & Underlay Management

Provide and manage seamless connectivity to highly distributed resources

Elastic IP

A static IPv4 address designed for dynamic cloud computing.

NAT Gateway

Allows outbound access to any external network through an elastic IP.

Single/Bundled Apps

Simplify the deployment of single applications or multiple grouped (bundle) applications with a simple to use and intuitive user interface.

Application Delivery Management System

ADMS performs image synchronization to create application and related configuration files for deployment.

Application Deployment Studio

Provides a intuitive WYSIWYG interface for advanced application deployment with ease

Centralized Log Processing

Gathers and processes data from the widely distributed and heterogeneous environments into a central location.

Cloud Native Metering

Collects and processes transaction and usage data for all resources in all environments.

APIs for Integration

Robust APIs that support the secure interaction with external systems.

N-way Replication

Comprised of multiple master sites equally participating in an update-anywhere model. Updates made to an individual master site are propagated to all other participating masters to ensure that mission critical data is available when and where it is required as well as providing failover and data resilience capabilities.

Transaction Reports & Tracking

All transactions (create VM, workload, subnet, etc.) are tracked and stored with a unique identifier enabling for transaction reports to be generated and retrospectively reviewed.

Object Storage

Service that offers scalability, data availability, security, and performance. Allowing for storage and protection of any amount of data for a range of use cases, such as data lakes, websites, mobile applications, backup and restore, archives, enterprise applications, IoT devices, and big data analytics.

Integrated Monitoring & Alerts

Monitor your entire environment with dashboards displaying cluster status, resource utilization, network statistics/status, consumption reports, and many more to ensure operational efficiency.

Virtual & Physical

Manage both physical and virtual infrastructure across heterogeneous environments in the cloud, on-premise and at the edge

Node Connect

Provides external connectivity to nodes through an allocated Elastic IP in the same zone.

CDR Generation

Data record of the metered and billing data necessary for the generation of CDR.

Block Storage

Splits data into blocks and then stores those blocks as separate pieces, each with a unique identifier for fast, efficient, and reliable data transportation.

FusionFlow™ delivers XaaS capabilities required to deploy, manage and operate infrastructure and applications across the edge and hybrid clouds

Why FusionFlow™

VM & Container Management

Deploy and manage Virtual Machines (VM) and container-based applications across your entire private cloud, public cloud, on-premise and edge infrastructure with FusionFlow.

Workload Orchestration

Shift workloads between environments based on considerations such as performance, geographical requirements, access rights and cost.

Application Resiliency

Autonomously orchestrate workloads across edge and between clouds to ensure end-to-end application resiliency and guarantee application uptime, based on specified policies.

IAM & Access

Authentication Provisioning Service(s) simplify and enhance the user authorisation experience to all applications enabled by FusionFlow.

Seamless Communication

Advanced SDN solution specifically designed to enable seamless communication between infrastructure across any heterogeneous network and behind any network equipment.

Legacy Applications

FusionFlow removes the barriers among Bare-metal, Virtual Machines and Containers enabling for the on-boarding of legacy applications.

Unified Control Plane

FusionFlow introduces a unified control plane that spans across regions and cloud providers, enabling workload and resource abstractions on-top of existing managed services and cloud offerings to deliver workload portability across different cloud providers and vendors.


A curated digital catalogue that simplifies the management, deployment and orchestration of applications at the edge and between public and private clouds.

Use Cases

Hybrid Workloads Icon

Hybrid Workloads

“I would like to run my workloads across my on-premise infrastructure as well as cloud providers.”

Many organizations have large on-premise and data center footprints. By adopting portable workloads with FusionFlow, you can normalize the infrastructure and tools across your distributed on-premise and cloud environments.

Taking Advantage of Feature Icon

Taking Advantage of Features Across Cloud Providers

“I would like to take advantage of the different features and offerings from multiple cloud providers”

Cloud providers have differentiated service offerings especially in the areas of machine learning, data processing and artificial intelligence. FusionFlow allows organizations to manage and take advantage of the most advanced cloud services no matter which cloud provider is offering them.

Migration of Workloads Icon

Migration of Workloads

“I would like to migrate workloads from one environment to another, and even across cloud providers”

Migrating workloads across cloud providers typically means that you will need to re-engineer workloads before dealing with deal with migration. FusionFlow empowers portable workloads by introducing a single control plane spanning hybrid environments that can move workloads across regions, clusters or clouds.

Automating Tasks Icon

Automating Tasks Across Cloud Providers & Regions

“I would like to automate complex tasks across cloud providers or regions”

Many tasks today are hard to achieve across cloud providers or even across regions of a single cloud provider. For example, setting up replication across databases or setting up a data protection solution. FusionFlow provides a single control plane that can span cloud providers & regions.

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