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FusionFlow™ : Extend Beyond the Data Center Article Preview

FusionFlow™ : Extend Beyond the Data Center

FusionFlow introduces a unified control plane across environments from data center, numerous public clouds, and on-premise edge all from a single consolidated dashboard, enabling data center operators to deliver a comprehensive range of innovative products and services. Typically, data center operators are focused on providing over simplified product and service offerings that are restrictive in terms of revenue generation, such as:

  • Over-simplified business model, selling rack units to customers

  • Inadequate ‘real-estate’ model, leasing rack space to customers

  • Basic billing for virtual machine, storage capacity, and connectivity

  • Lacking burstable/overage capabilities

  • Limitations in product and service offerings limiting revenue generation

Download the document to find out how FusionFlow addresses these challenges by diversifying and extending data center operators products and services offering. 

Please complete the form to download the whitepaper.

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