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Demand For Innovative Cloud Services in the 5G Era Article Preview

Demand For Innovative Cloud Services in the 5G Era

5G is driving demand for ultra-low latency cloud services and applications on the move. These include cloud gaming, augmented and virtual reality (ARs/VRs), autonomous vehicles, telemedicine, social media as well as the Internet of Things.  Demand for such services is rising from government, large enterprises, and content providers in the arena of online education services and e-commerce. 

Unpredictable demand for cloud services, particularly in the instances of popular or live video- streaming applications, necessitates service provider infrastructure to have software defined networking capabilities that allow for the rapid scaling and ramping up of network capacity to keep pace with in demand cloud services.

Download the report to get insights on how service providers can:

  • Diversify offerings to meet customer demand

  • Enhance the performance of ultra-low latency applications and services

  • Deliver rapid growth in software defined, agile cloud services in addition to traditional offerings

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