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9 Sept 2020

Memorandum Of Cooperation Between SkyLab & Taiwan Mobile

Taiwan Mobile and SkyLab have signed the Memorandum of Cooperation today to combine their expertise in wireless and 5G/AI-ready edge processing technology to jointly create AI edge computing solutions for Taiwan enterprise users. It is expected to bring higher operational benefits to the fields of smart cities, smart security, smart manufacturing, and smart retail.

By 2025, the number of next-generation 5G wireless network subscribers worldwide are expected to hit 2.6 billion, fuelled by a fast-developing ecosystem and strong growth momentum. It is widely projected that mobile technology in the 5G era will transition into a true “General Purpose Technology” – that is, a technology that finds economy-wide use, drives complementary innovations in other sectors and becomes a driver of economy-wide innovation and productivity. Taiwan Mobile is currently actively deploying edge computing (MEC), to develop innovative and diverse ” 5G ultra low-latency applications” to enable companies to reach new frontiers in business, healthcare and Internet of Things.

Vice President & Mr. C.H. Wu, Chief Enterprise Business Officer of Taiwan Mobile:

“5G has technical features such as large bandwidth, low latency, and wide connectivity. More importantly, these features will accelerate the realization of edge computing. A large number of emerging application scenarios will be born. SkyLab, a leading company in edge computing and image processing, sees that 5G will not only be the network, but also the platform on which IoT devices will take off in the future, becoming a driving force for innovation in the market. With this cooperation that we are confident that Taiwan companies will soon have their own unique 5G applications and services offering.”

Edge computing is able to provide network, computing, storage and other processing close to the Internet of Things devices, reducing the need to transfer data back and forth between the clouds. One of many applications that can massively benefit from these new technologies is “Video Analytics” – (Real-time) sensors such as cameras can have large amount of data stored nearby, combined with AI calculation technology it can efficiently process the results of commodity detection, biometric recognition, and crowd analysis, greatly reduced the download and transmission time. Thus, producing a much more instantaneous and interactive user experience and application use cases.

SkyLab is South-east Asia’s leading Industrial IoT and Data Logistics company, headquartered in Singapore. It has developed a number of patent-pending technologies for advanced data acquisition using its end to end data logistics & visualization solutions, driving actionable insights.  Powered by a secure, enterprise-grade Multi-access and Multi-protocol Edge Computing (MEC) stack, SkyLab helps companies transition seamlessly from existing mobile technologies to take full advantage of the benefits 5G, AI and advanced video analytics can bring to their business. For example, using AI video analytics to collect information on crowd trends, thereby helping to improve service efficiency and overall experience. SkyLab also has smart retail applications. In Indonesia, it has launched video analytics technologies such as license plate recognition at gas stations to promote personalised content to their members.

Gary Kwang, CEO of SkyLab:

“We are very excited to partner with Taiwan Mobile and its flourishing technology ecosystem to create a truly scalable enterprise applications marketplace, powered by wireless, edge and cloud technologies. The ability to derive useful insights from real-time data piped to various applications in a low-latency environment across multi-cloud environments will remain critical and drive digital transformation in the 5G era.  Through this collaboration, we also hope to provide a platform of growth for Taiwanese entrepreneurs to fully take advantage of the global trends in 5G and AI.”

Vice President & Mr. C.H. Wu, Chief Enterprise Business Officer of Taiwan Mobile:

“Edge computing will drive a new revolution in 5G applications especially the Virtual & Augmented reality due to the ultra-latency sensitive nature of such. VR and AR will be one of the great use cases for maximising 5G, and the market for VR/AR and related services industry is forecasted to reach USD 571.4 Billion by 2025according to the Valuates Market Report. By incorporating 5G transmission and AI edge processing technology, Taiwan Mobile will be able to create scalable application in both Business-to-Business and Business-to-Consumer, with far-reaching applications across Manufacturing, Maritime, Entertainment, Healthcare, E-Government and Sustainability. Helping enterprises to transform and grasp the “Edge Computing” market opportunity.”

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