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25 Aug 2019

Memorandum Of Cooperation Between SkyLab, Singapore & COOL.DE, Chongqing

A major signing ceremony will take place at Smart China Expo 2019, Chongqing. One of the key highlights is the signing of Memorandum of Cooperation between SkyLab, Singapore and COOL.DE, Chongqing which had garnered much attention. Both companies will be combining their expertises in Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and big data analytics to create cutting edge and innovative end-to end IIoT data analytics solution for smart buildings, smart factories and smart city management applications.

COOL.DE, Chongqing specialises in big data integration and analysis. Skylab is Singapore’s leading IIoT technology company which has developed a number of patented technologies for the collection of massive IIoT data and providing an end to end data logistics solution. The companies will be using the SkyLab Transport Accelerator (STA™), multi-protocol middleware (IGX™), Multi Edge Computing architecture (MEC), Data Logistics Cloud (DLC™) and COOL.DE big data analytics platform to develop IIoT solutions for smart buildings, smart industries and smart cities. These solution aims at helping enterprises transform themselves for the digital age.

SkyLab’s industry-leading data logistics solutions stand out particularly, especially her core technologies of STA™ data acceleration.

STA™ revolutionalises how data are being delivered across the Internet. It is able to accelerate the transfer of data through unpredictable wireless networks by analysing real-time traffic and routing conditions to find the fastest route between the data source and destination on cellular, satellite and IoT radio networks. Its advanced adaptive congestion control, which is able to predict the network’s condition 20ms ahead of time, helps regulate the amount of data sent, avoiding bottlenecks and ensuring a smoother transfer of data. Consequently, the STA™ is able to reduce network latency, increase throughput, optimise the transport layer performance and hence reduce overall network congestion.

According to Stephen Ho, SkyLab Holding’s COO:

“Conventional data transfer largely relies on caching and compression technologies in the hope of accelerating data flow. This, however, would not work well with the massive volume of and time-sensitive small data packages generated by mission-critical Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) devices. SkyLab’s STA highly advanced algorithms have been proven to work in a variety of communication environment in the secured and accelerated transmission of such mission critical data. This key piece of technology complements COOL.DE’s expertise in big data analytics and allows the partnership to offer secured and real-time large scale analytics to the China market.”

“The crux of the IIoT business model is premised on the diversified usage of real-time data to provide actionable insights. SkyLab currently works with clients across varied industries and countries, ranging from green energy, smart cities and buildings to maritime, in that regards.

SkyLab’s strategic collaborations with top technological firms such as Microsoft and HP Enterprise further enhances her ability to provide end to end data logistics and edge computing solutions.

Since its establishment in 2016, SkyLab has garnered many international awards for its technology and solutions, and was recognised by a leading IT publication as one of the Top 10 IoT technology companies in 2019.

SkyLab looks forward to partnering COOL.DE in the exploration of different application scenarios and business models in the Chinese market.”


COOL.DE is one of the largest high-tech enterprises in Chongqing for big data management, application and R&D. With a vast background in industry data consulting, data governance and big data application technology research and development, the company provides customers with high- quality whole industry chain services, and its business scope has been extended to government departments such as land, housing management, environmental protection, safety supervision, meteorology as well as energy, finance and medical services, manufacturing and other fields.

The company has established in-depth technology research and development cooperation mode with universities and research institutes such as the University of Technology Sydney, Chongqing University of Technology, Chongqing University of Posts and Telecommunications, Chongqing Science and Technology Research Institute, etc., focusing on big data application platform, big data core algorithm and artificial intelligence application. Currently, the company has obtained dozens of software-related patents.

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