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17 Dec 2017

APAC CIO Outlook – Top 25 Smart City Solution Providers 2017

In addition to being one of the key strategic steps for enterprises and governments to transform their business and operations digitally, the fundamental requirement of organizations seeking for the IoT venture revolves around three vital aspects; Security, Latency, and Scalability. 

A large portion of IoT is operated over a mixed of wireless and wired connectivity, which is highly susceptible to potential threats and breaches. Along with securing the network, it is highly imperative for an IoT setup to ensure the consistency and availability of data transmission as the network latency affect data harvesting process by slowing it down. Moreover, the back end of an IoT setup needs to keep up with the front-end deployment, in order to create a scalable IoT network. Placed at the centre of addressing all these concerns is Skylab, delivering scalable IoT implementations across four core areas including the government sector, the transportation sector, utility sector, and manufacturing sector. 

Based out of Singapore, Skylab exhibits exceptional technical expertise, experience, and customer references specializing in industrial IoT (IIoT) services. The company facilitates data collections from various sensors and control systems, accelerating the data transmission in real-time, and empowers its clients with new insights to optimize their assets and take proactive actions. The collaborative component that Skylab brings into its application serves as a differentiating factor for the company.

The company eliminates the gap between different segments of the IoT network and brings them together to provide a completely secure and scalable IoT solution.

Gary Kwang, Group CEO of SkyLab:

“I don’t think the world is short of solutions. However, the world is short of people understanding to resolve important fundamental problems, caused by the imperfections and gaps within the network.”

With evolving city infrastructure and iterations to support the increasing bandwidth requirements from mobiles and new media streaming, Skylab extends its best foot in delivering the world-class smart city IoT solutions by enabling governments and city councils to provide better transportation, energy efficient public infrastructure and housing, better healthcare through IIoT. The company helps in deploying sensors, cameras, and controllers to gather real-time data and video to provide integrated operations, security surveillance. The real-time data also offers insights to facilitate efficient engineering maintenance, such as transport vehicle breakdown, traffic conditions, energy efficiency, and consumption of buildings.

In order to address the mission-critical elements of security, latency, and scalability, Skylab designed its solutions to comply with requirements of its customers. Skylab provides Skylab Transport Accelerator ™ (STA), which enables the clients to achieve significant improvement of many data transmission parameters such as latency, jitter, throughput, and response time. The company operates with three divisions that specialize in consulting, developing cloud and software solution, and providing network and communications engineering. The consulting team gets in contact with the clients to understand their requirements, the cloud and networking engineering team then implements the cloud and software technology and network infrastructure ensuring highest standards of impenetrable security and an easy to maintain system enduring the scalability factor. In order to mitigate IoT deployment challenges surfacing on difficult operating terrains, Skylab came up with a new breed of gateway this year; GDX™. The GDX™ enables a multiplay wireless approach depending on customers’ preferences. The product addresses critical deployment issues like remote locations, lack of power source and limited backhaul choices faced by customers.

Gary Kwang, Group CEO of SkyLab:

“We leverage our industry expertise, technology innovation, and solution to deliver the business outcome our customers desired and help them achieve significant financial returns, cost savings, and operational excellence”

In addition to providing deep subject matter expertise, Skylab also guides its customers to fast track their digital transformation and achieve desired outcomes cost-effectively.

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