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Extend Beyond the Data Center

SkyLab's FusionFlow™ platform provides a unified networking and application runtime environment for Data Center operators to extend and diversify their product and service offerings across hybrid environments from Data Center, Public Clouds and On-premise Edge

FusionFlow Diagram

FusionFlow™ introduces a unified control plane that blurs the barriers between Data Center, Hyperscaler Clouds & On-Premise Edge.

Curated PasS Icon

Curated PaaS

Deploy and manage cherry picked services from numerous cloud providers directly in FusionFlow. Consolidated management of all services across the hybrid environment from a single platform

Edge computing Icon

Edge Computing 

Extend management of resources to the customer premise, provide local resources at proximity to users and secure data on-premise with fully integrated edge computing

Unified Network Icon

Unified Network

Simplified network management and seamless integration between data center, cloud and on-premise edge networks behind any network infrastructure across various environments

Single Dashboard Icon

Single Dashboard

Unified control plane and consolidated dashboard for managing infrastructure and resources spread across diverse environments from data center, cloud, and on-premise edge

A single unified platform for hosting companies, data center operators & service providers to deliver a wide range of innovative products & services to customers across hybrid environments. 

FusionFlow - Unified application runtime across heterogeneous environments
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Deploy Icon

Allows end-customers to deploy, manage, and operate infrastructure, applications and services seamlessly across all environments.

High Speed Icon

FusionFlow provides the speed and agility of cloud-based deployment and orchestration – containers, virtualization, microservices – on-premise, in the cloud and at the edge.

FusionFlow Value Proposition

Data Center Operators Icon

Empowering Data Center Operators

FusionFlow empowers data center operators and hosting companies to deliver a wider range of products and services to their customers

Extend Reach Icon

Extended Reach Beyond the Data Center

With FusionFlow data center operators can extend the reach of their products and services beyond the data centre and into public cloud and customer on-premise edge

Enterprise Cloud Icon

Enterprise Cloud in Any Environment

FusionFlow delivers seamless provisioning and management of resources in any environment, from data centre, public cloud and on-premise edge

Product and Service Offering Icon

Innovative Product & Service Offerings

FusionFlow allows data centre operators to diversify their product and service offerings, with services such as Curated PaaS and unified connectivity enabling modern applications and workloads across environments

As Featured By

List of Companies that has featured SkyLab

What The Industry Says 

Dennis Wong, Singtel

"SkyLab’s strong expertise in platform technology and Internet of Things has been instrumental for Singtel to jointly build and operate one of the country’s largest smart solar monitoring systems. These proven and tested energy management solutions are vital to enable a sustainable smart nation powered by renewable green energy with low carbon footprint.


In addition, SkyLab’s continuous innovation on advanced platforms and SDN technologies has revolutionised and accelerated business enablement capabilities for 5G applications as well as solutions on the cloud and edge.


We are pleased to endorse SkyLab as an important Singtel partner in IoT and 5G solutions to enable a smarter, safer and sustainable smart nation."

Dennis Wong, VP 5G Enterprise & Cloud


Dennis Wong, Singtel (VP 5G Enterprise & Cloud)

Dennis Wong

VP 5G Enterprise & Cloud


Suman Sehra, Intel Corporation (Global Director, Cities & Transportation)

Suman Sehra

Global Director, Cities & Transportation

Intel Corporation

Roy Chiang, CBM CEO/President

Roy Chiang


CBM Group of Companies

Arunava Chakrabarty, Intel Corporation (Director, Channel Scale & Partners (APJ Territory))

Arunava Chakrabarty

Director, Channel Scale & Partners (APJ Territory)

Intel Corporation

Frank Phuan, Sunseap CEO & Executive Director

Frank Phuan

CEO & Executive Director

Sunseap Group

Kenny Koh, iO3 Pte Ltd (CEO)

Kenny Koh


iO3 Pte Ltd

Guy Daniels, TelecomTV (Director of Content)

Guy Daniels

Director of Content


Garima Singh, Microsoft (Sr. Partner Development Manager)

Garima Singh

Sr. Partner Development Manager


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