Multi-access Edge Computing

SkyLab's Multi-access Edge Computing, or MECs, are designed to be deployed at the edge along with your other devices and systems, either as a physical or virtual appliance. With additional computing, storage and processing power, using the latest in containerisation technology to ensure operability for whichever application you choose to run and however you choose to develop it. Running your applications at the edge means you can offload processing, network usage and time from the cloud, complimenting your existing infrastructure.

Edge Computing

Immediate on-site data processing through deployed applications, allowing for ultra-fast responses to critical information generated without having to wait.

Offload your backhaul network

Back-hauling large amounts of data can be very costly, especially considering mobile networks. Processing your data at the edge means only a minimal subset of data is sent back, often only event and management data, meaning not only vastly improved latency but cost savings.

Management and Deployment

MEC devices run Kubernetes for hyper-scalability and ease of management and deployment of containerised applications. With in-built load balancing and self healing functionalities ensures the operation of your mission critical applications.
Combined with DLC to provide a centralised portal for your device and application management, with an integrated Marketplace to select and deploy applications effortlessly across your whole infrastructure.


Use Case - Construction & Worker Safety

MEC device deployed at a construction site with video analytics and facility management applications to monitor and process data from cameras and various on-site sensors.
Video analytics is done immediately on the incoming camera feeds with only event data being transmitted back to the cloud.
Sensor data processed instantly in the case of fire and alarms triggered for worker safety


Use case showing IGX and MEC deployment at a construction site, combining IGX's advanced data collection with immediate on-site processing through SkyLab MEC device.


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