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21 May 2017

SkyLab Launches New Breed Of IIoT Gateway

SkyLab Holding (a member of Industrial Internet Consortium with Global HQ based in Singapore), has announced today the worldwide release of their IIoT Gateway : GDX™ Series, a new breed of gateway with modular design for multiple wireless backhauling capabilities, embedded with advanced transport acceleration features and powered by advanced data gathering and delivery multi-protocol aware edge processor.

SkyLab’s GDX™ series of IIoT Gateway addresses IoT deployment challenges by enabling a multi-play wireless approach (Satellite, Microwave, Cellular, LPWAN, WiFi, Fiber, Copper) depending on customers’ preferences. Such preferences are mainly determined by harsh operating terrains due to challenging deployment location, lack of power source and limited backhaul choices faced by customers. GDX™ is embedded with SkyLab’s STA™, SkyLab’s Innologix™ and integrated with SkyLab’s Data Logistics Cloud™ Platform for a secured industrial plug and play experience.

High Performance Data Delivery Enabling Global Hyper-scale Data Logistics Services

SkyLab Transport Accelerator™ (STA™) accelerates traffic by recognizing traffic congestion and routing conditions in real time to identify the best way to transfer data and protocol control signals between the data source and the destination and mitigate challenges posed by random events such packet loss, high latency and network congestion. A network agnostic data transport accelerator, STA™ reduces network latency, increases throughput, optimizes end to end transport layer performance between fixed and wireless media.

Scalable Gathering Multi-Protocol Aware Middleware

Innologix™ is a software PLC that provides interoperability not only at machine protocol level but also IoT gateway and platform levels. A platform agnostic middleware, Innologix™ provides guaranteed technology integration regardless of the IoT platform or machine protocol is used. Therefore reduces the cost of deployment, time to market, and unifying your system maintenance approach for all your IoT solutions.

Wireless Backhaul

The SkyLab GDX™ IIoT Gateway interfaces can be easily connected with different types of backhauling technologies (Satellite, Microwave, Cellular, LPWAN, WiFi, Fiber, Copper).


GDX™ Series provides over the air AES 256 encryption capability. Device authentication, authorization and end-to-end encryption will ensure your enterprise assets at the edge and at the core can be securely protected. Our automated end device policy aware feature ensure that only trusted devices will be able to communicate and connected to the designated data platform.

Sean Kim, SkyLab Group CTO:

“Due to the increasing demand and technical challenges within various operations scenarios, there are limited options for cost effective and time efficient network deployment solutions.

SkyLab’s GDX™ Series of Gateway has been designed to address IIoT Gateway and sensors network deployment challenges. With a modular backhauling agnostic interface and edge processing features embedded with SkyLab’s STA™, many applications such as high demand bi-directional IIoT services, bandwidth hungry video streaming, VOIP, real-time video recognition features can be improved through SkyLab’s GDX™ series Gateway even from infrastructure impoverished remote locations in fixed or mobility environment.

With real-time data delivery, insights over evolving wireless networks can be accelerated. Proactive decisions making can be realized efficiently.”

Gary Kwang, SkyLab Group CEO:

“By providing a reliable data gathering and aggregation architecture, GDX™ Series Gateway will empower our customers to achieve real time integrated operations control and situational awareness that will improve their global real time crisis management capabilities and situational response time.”

“With our GDX™ series, deployment effort will be reduced, better QoS can be achieved, higher SLA can be met and more opportunities led by demand for data analytics can be unlocked.”

Dr. Richard Mark Soley, Ph.D., Executive Director, Industrial Internet Consortium:

“Transferring data quickly over heterogeneous wireless networks is critical for many companies for real-time decision making. We commend Industrial Internet Consortium member SkyLab for their innovation in addressing these key challenges with their new IIoT gateway and transport accelerator for the industrial Internet.”

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