SkyLab Holding consists of three operating subsidiaries: SkyLab Networks, SkyLab Services and SkyLab Innogram. SkyLab Holding was incorporated to rationalize the holding structure for the three subsidiaries and to combine expertise in network and communications, IoT and digital business. SkyLab offers companies and enterprises access to integrated operations control, real time performance insights, advanced networks and data logistics cloud across devices and controllers with a goal to gain insights and drive proactive actions on assets optimization and resource management.

Business Technology Integration And Digital Transformation
SkyLab Services provides professional IoT strategy management and consultancy services. It provides advice to clients and transforms data into valuable business knowledge regarding operations and assets, thus improving business processes and creating new services. The entity also advises companies on how to get their devices, sensors, and machines connected and integrated with the DLC, thereby allowing them to get the most out of new technology and business insights to create disruptive values. We develop alliance with best industry partners who provide data analytics and visualization in the connected Utility Integrated Operation Control,  Smart Manufacturing Preventive Maintenance, Ambience Intelligence in Building Management and Security Surveillance etc.  We also provide Architecture Design and Risk Assessments for the Enterprise to drive digital transformation with IoT and security vulnerability.
Business Technology Integration And Digital Transformation
SkyLab Innogram operates the group Data Logistics Cloud (DLC) platform, a cloud based Data-as-a-Service (DaaS) solution that is architected to enable the real time data collection, processing and delivery. DLC is powered by SkyLab’s Innologix, a proprietary Softwareas-a-Service (SaaS) data gathering middleware which comes with multi-protocol and back-end support. The transmission of data is augmented by SkyLab’s transport acceleration service allowing for global scale data transport and gathering. The entity also provides an integrated business intelligence and analytics platform that is able to deliver real-world insights to companies and provide unprecedented access to their connected products. This complete suite of solutions thereby empowers clients by simplifying the inherent complexity of IoT and communication protocols through a single data integration platform and further transform businesses to create value in the world of connectivity in a secured and efficient way.
Advance Cloud Technology And Solutions
SkyLab Networks is the communications infrastructure development, engineering and operation arm of SkyLab Holding. SkyLab Networks design, build, maintain, operate and/or lease advanced network solutions for our customers. SkyLab Networks partner with local telco operators to deploys unique connectivity to enterprises by supporting their IoT / WiFi / Cellular wireless / Backhaul infrastructure with our unique cloud and infrastructure as a service offering.