SkyLab Tata Communications Case Study

Singapore (8th March 2017) – Singapore-based SkyLab Group is a leading provider of enterprise-level Internet of Things (IoT) solutions. Its dynamic growth has been fuelled by customer needs for flexibility with 100 per cent confidence in data availability and infrastructure performance and security.


To achieve this, SkyLab considered a number of options including the deployment of wholly-owned infrastructure. It chose to partner with Tata Communications for its unparalleled five-nines availability, with low latency and high security data archiving, which help SkyLab and its customers meet regulatory compliance requirements. In addition, the Tata Communications ondemand billing model offered a cost efficient solution.


For one SkyLab customer alone, Sunseap, results have seen:


  • 99.96 per cent service level agreement exceeded to meet IoT data harvesting for energy regulatory reporting and standards compliance
  • Right sourcing of deployment and maintenance services, saving ongoing internal manpower expense
  • 15 to 25 per cent saved every year with accurate end-customer billing for all power produced and consumed or sold to other parties

The SkyLab partnership with Tata Communications is backed by fully managed services to ensure 24/7/365 high availability. This not only enables it to better serve existing customers but increases the company’s competitive advantage.