Transmitting data across the long distance and various networks require the understanding and cooperation of different network technologies. SkyLab transport Accelerator enables advanced efficient data delivery and accelerates data seamless across various types of networks.

The world of "Things" are becoming more connected with the rise of the IoT Revolution. The fast adoption of IoT is made possible by the miniaturisation of wireless modules as well as cloud computing resources made available globally. However the high growth for IoT sensors and related aggregating agents will lead to new sets of challenges faced by large scale network operators. Delivery of data stream from large number of IoT data sources create large amount of system overheads such as multiple systems handshakes and acknowledgement packets. In addition, over-the-air wireless communications operating in different conditions of spectrum availability, RF interference, changing bandwidth as well as a multi-path environment introduces more random walks of wireless propagation delays. Combining other factors such as legacy protocol not optimised for wireless transmission and non-optimised routing decisions within the cloud leads to repeated snow balling effect of intermittent event impairing overall service performances.

Spectrum Variation

  • Limited radio spectrum
  • Limited base-station capability
  • Constantly changing bandwidth
  • Propagation delays

Packet Loss

  • Noise interference by other devices
  • Congestion retransmission


  • End to end latency
  • Lack of protocol support for constantly changing situation
  • Snow-ball effect by intermittent failure of the service

SkyLab identified the lack of protocol support for constantly changing situations, latency and the snow-ball effect by intermittent failure of the service and began developing our own proprietary SkyLab Transport Acceleration Protocol (STAP). STA accelerates traffic by analyzing traffic & routing conditions in real time to find the very fastest route between the data source and the destination even on 2G/3G/4G, satellite and many types of IoT radio networks.

Leased Line Optimization

In addition to wireless networks, STA can optimized fixed line connections as well. STA addresses a number of traditional protocol weaknesses to accelerate and solidify your service without upgrading bandwidth.

Satellite Optimization

While convenient, Satellite experience can often be frustrating due to high latency, high packet loss and limited bandwidth. STA can improve user experience by accelerating connectivity in a cost-effective way without increasing bandwidth capacity.

3G/4G Optimization

Wireless cellular networks are inherently unpredictable and service providers to not guarantee their quality. With STA, it is possible to give users a consistent experience by providing a more stable connection with predictable latency.

High Speed VPN

Traditional VPNs over public internet are often unstable and unreliable. By integrating VPN technologies together with STA users can achieve service comparable to leased lines without the cost.

Live Video Streaming Optimization

Reduce traditional protocol pitfalls of live video streaming through STA’s Adaptive Congestion Control and Automatic Optimization features. Bandwidth capacity is very likely not the problem or solution to your troubles.

Application Acceleration

Fast and predictable user experience is essential for successful applications. Not only will STA accelerate your application it will also provide users with the consistent experience the expect.

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