Entering the Fourth Industrial Revolution, our world as we see it will be integrated with sensors and actuators connecting our physical and biological spheres with the digital world. We can monitor machines and controllers remotely and electronically, use the real-time and historical data to optimize the performance of systems and processes, save time for people and businesses to make informed decisions, and improve our quality of life with wearable devices and portable monitors.


SkyLab advocates innovations and technology breakthrough in this industrial internet age, and focus our solution and product development in the Industrial Internet of Things such as:

Smart manufacturing in the factories provide real time production dashboards to remotely monitor, optimize, and control production. Programmable logic controllers (PLCs) collect data automatically, enabling equipment settings to be self-adjusted based on ambient conditions and product being made. Continuously monitoring machine health allows proactive predictive maintenance scheduling thus reducing unscheduled downtime.

Smart utilities for energy, water and waste management provide real time integrated operations and control dashboards to remotely monitor, optimize and control utilities facilities. Collecting performance efficiency data allows predictive asset maintenance of machines and controllers, enabling real time situation awareness, safety and surveillance of critical utilities infrastructure.

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Smart transportation and logistics provide transportation path, containers utilization and priority optimization. Continuous remote monitoring of supply chain and warehouse machinery tool status, machine utilization enable optimized product flow and quality control. Sensors to alerts workers on worksite safety, hazardous material handling, and preventive maintenance.

Smart real estate and data center management with integrated operation view of buildings, security, surveillance, physical assets and IT Infrastructure. Ability to provide real time optimization and manage resources dynamically by using real time location services to track personnel and assets. Visualization capabilities of all facilities across the global to very gradual level.

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