The IIoT Gateway : GDX Series, a new breed of gateway with modular design for multiple wireless backhauling capabilities, embedded with advanced transport acceleration features and powered by advanced data gathering and delivery multi-protocol aware edge processor.

High Performance Data Delivery Enabling Global Hyper-scale Data Logistics Services

SkyLab Transport Accelerator (STA) accelerates traffic by recognizing traffic congestion and routing conditions in real time to identify the best way to transfer data and protocol control signals between the data source and the destination and mitigate challenges posed by random events such packet loss, high latency and network congestion. A network agnostic data transport accelerator, STA reduces network latency, increases throughput, optimizes end to end transport layer performance between fixed and wireless media.


Scalable Gathering Multi-Protocol Aware Middleware

Innologix is a software PLC that provides interoperability not only at machine protocol level but also IoT gateway and platform levels. A platform agnostic middleware, InnologixTM provides guaranteed technology integration regardless of the IoT platform or machine protocol is used. Therefore reduces the cost of deployment, time to market, and unifying your system maintenance approach for all your IoT solutions.


Wireless Backhaul

The SkyLab GDX IIoT Gateway interfaces can be easily connected with different types of backhauling technologies (Satellite,Microwave, Cellular, LPWAN, WiFi, Fiber, Copper).


Device Authentication/Authorization and end-to-end encryption will ensure your enterprise and its data are securely protected. Only trusted devices will be able to communicate and send data to the cloud.


Utilizing cutting edge Enterprise level private cloud technologies allows IIoT Gateway to be agile and scale efficiently and rapidly to support billions of devices while keeping costs low.

Network Performance

Provides higher through-put and lower latency


Built in user-friendly management capabilities allows non-expert users to perform basic tasks. Management dashboards available for Device Configuration, Innologix Configuration, Inventory, Logging, Billing.


All main components of IIoT Gateway are designed to be fault tolerant and highly available.

Adaptive Congestion Control

Optimised congestion control mechanism for radio / mobile networks that reduce the impact of packet loss and congestion problems

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