DLC (Data Logistic Cloud), is an end-to-end ecosystem that can and will drive synergies and network effects through improved Security, Latency and Scalability to address key industry challenges. DLC components include data gathering, a multi-protocol aware middleware with unified communication for M2M, transport acceleration and secure unstructured data storage.

Devices like PLC, sensors and data logging systems are not operational, and cannot be connected without having any software application or operating system running inside them. IoT revolution will be empowered by software embedded devices. The potential for software growth in managing and processing distributed data in highly networked IoT spaces between diverse computing and embedded devices is a growing market to address. SkyLab has developed our data gathering platform to address this segment. With the capability of harvesting data across a large scale network from numerous types of sensors operating with different protocols, Skylab is able to secure delivery of unlimited sets of both structured and unstructured data. Each data set is precious because it is unique within the time domain when it was transmited and received. These data sets become a new form of asset class for any data driven organization.

As the adoption of IoT continues to grow, so will the potential threat of an IoT DDoS attack. The growing number of sensors and devices deployed across vast geographical area not only pose as a huge maintenance challenge but also an amplified security challenge. As secured data is being harvested by the official end user, hackers might take this opportunity to identify a loophole and backdoor towards system entry. Secured Unstructured Data Storage provides a highly-secure mechanism for storing any type of data without restrictions on data structure or its format. It also provides a user-friendly interface that lets customers effortlessly generate business reports.

Machine-to-Machine (M2M) interface that provides a unified communication channel with support of different device types such as sensors, PLC and machinery equipment.

Regardless of the source or destination, we can gather your data and make it readily available for any type of processing through M2M and Application Interfaces.

We develop Skylab Transport Accelerator (STA) to speed up data delivery and integrate various networks to accelerate data transmission entirely transparent to the end users.

At SkyLab, we address these key challenges


  • End-to-End Encrypted Communication
  • Block-Chain Based Peer Identification


  • Radically Improved Latency by Transport Acceleration over SkyLab's Overlay Network
  • Guaranteed SLA in Latency


  • Global Scale Data Delivery Network
  • High Level of Flexibility in Capacity Planning

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