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SkyLab Networks – Top 10 APAC Energy Tech Solution Provider 2018

Singapore, 7th June 2018 – The demand for renewable energy continues to grow exponentially around the world and this rapid growth is urging for new technologies to support its continued acceleration. Amongst all is collection valuable data from renewable energy farms, which inherently tend to be remotely located and vast, through Internet of Things (IoT). This data can be the key to reducing downtime, managing power generation against demand, improving cost saving and increasing efficiency for day to day operations. The IoT represents a new reality, paving the way for smarter and greener energy, however, the fast adoption of IoT will lead to new sets of challenges that many don’t realise. Despite being seen as a futuristic way of living, the truth is that the traditional protocols that carry IoT data today have already become obsolete. Meaning utility companies are now faced with numerous network challenges, with the main three being; network congestion, latency and packet loss. Looking ahead, there will be unprecedented volumes of data to be collected, and the current solution will not be able to cope with it.

Here enters SkyLab with its middleware protocol translation solution which smoothens the journey of data packets and improves network performance with adaptive congestion control. “We are focused on three areas: strengthening network security, improving network latency, and enabling utilities to leverage the power of the cloud,” says Gary Kwang, CEO of SkyLab. With a proven track record of enabling secure data harvesting and archiving in realteam, SkyLab empowers utilities in the renewable energy sector with the ability to effectively and comprehensively collect data, which can provide insights for asset optimization and executing proactive actions for identifying and solving potential bottlenecks in networks.

“While wireless infrastructure remains the best way to create a smart energy environment, present wireless infrastructure being highly heterogeneous is a major impediment in that direction,” says Gary. With the multiprotocol translation solution, data is transferred quickly over nonhomogenous wireless networks in real-time for performing secure and efficient data processing and analytics. Utilities can leverage the better network bandwidth for receiving seamless alerts from the sensors that might be located in infrastructurally impoverished locations. In addition, SkyLab’s intuitive portal allows utilities company to monitor and efficiently manage those assets remotely.

At the core of what differentiates SkyLab, is its proficiency in combining the separate components of a multidisciplinary like industrial solution. The company provides the “knowhow” required to materialise their IoT initiatives, from cloud technology, data aggregation and transmission to sensor deployment, all under one roof and within their budget. SkyLab’s consultants and engineers can help these utilities to design robust network and communication architectures to address bandwidth requirements, network interference and latency issues. “And we do all that with a customer-centric strategy in mind, helping them shorten the learning curve to adopt IoT,” adds Gary. “Our consulting arm works closely with customers to understand their business goals and develops a complete solution that delivers the best business outcome and helps achieve significant financial returns, cost savings, and operational excellence for our customers.”

In one instance, Sunseap, one of South East Asia’s largest clean energy solutions provider, approached SkyLab with the need for monitoring solar panel energy production and performance by transmitting critical data from solar panels. With real-time performance dashboards and accurate reporting, the client was able to save 15 to 25 percent of their costs every year, with accurate end- customer billing for all the power produced and consumed, or sold to other parties. Forging ahead, the firm plans to introduce to the market a new solution called “Data Acceleration- as-a-Service. “This will be an important component as IoT service grow exponentially worldwide,” concludes Gary.

Gary Kwang, SkyLab Group CEO:

“SkyLab empowers industrial internet of things with secured connectivity, accelerated data transmission and actionable insights. There by reducing the risk during IoT adoption and increasing ROI after IoT adoption”

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SkyLab Launches Newly Improved SkyLab Transport Accelerator (STA)

Singapore, 7th March 2018 - SkyLab Holding (a member of Industrial Internet Consortium with Global HQ based in Singapore), has announced today the release of their newly improved STA to address critical topics such as latency, packet loss and congestion issues in wireless network.


SkyLab Transport Accelerator is designed to smoothen the journey of data packets across the unpredictable wireless environment. Many IoT sources initial many handshakes and create unnecessary traffic that wireless network cannot handle due to packet loss and network congestion. STA™ combines many traditional TCP connections and weave them into one link and thereby removes unnecessary handshakes that cause the slow start of the typical connections and significantly improves network work performance


Other benefit of STA includes adaptive congestion control which allows just the right amount of data leading to a better bandwidth usage and enhances web service delivery. STA is able to recognize traffic congestion and routing conditions in real time to identify the best way to transfer data and protocol control signals between the data source and the destination and mitigate challenges posed by random events such packet loss, high latency and network congestion.


STA a network agnostic data transport accelerator, reduces network latency, increases throughput, and optimizes end to end transport layer performance between fixed and wireless media. It is available in the form of network appliance, virtual network function and data acceleration as a service.


Sean Kim, SkyLab Group CTO:

“Using SkyLab’s STA, many applications such as high demand bi-directional IIoT services, bandwidth hungry video streaming, VOIP, real-time video recognition features can be improved. With real-time data delivery, insights over evolving wireless networks can be accelerated. Proactive decisions making can be realized efficiently.”

Gary Kwang, SkyLab Group CEO:

“By providing a reliable data gathering and aggregation architecture, SkyLab’s STA, will empower our customers to achieve real time integrated operations control and situational awareness that will improve their global real time crisis management capabilities and situational response time.”

 Dr. Richard Mark Soley, Ph.D., Executive Director, Industrial Internet Consortium:

"Transferring data quickly over heterogeneous wireless networks is critical for many companies for real-time decision making. We commend Industrial Internet Consortium member SkyLab for their innovation in addressing these key challenges with their transport accelerator for the industrial Internet.”

SkyLab at Mobile World Congress Barcelona 2018

Singapore, Wednesday, 5th March 2018 - We had demonstrated the products below during our exhibition in Mobile World Congress.

We look forward to seeing you in our next exhibition in Germany, Hannover Messe 2018.

SkyLab Winner of the IoT Asia Trailblazer Award 2018 – Commercial Excellence

Singapore, Wednesday, 21st March 2018 - SkyLab provides advanced data harvesting, processing and delivery solutions to its customers over a scalable platform called Data Logistics Cloud (DLC), has emerged victorious for the Trailblazer Award out of the three finalists including Amaryllo International B.V. and Tata Communications.


Guest-of-Honour, Dr Vivian Balakrishnan, Minister for Foreign Affairs and Minister-in-Charge of the Smart Nation initiative, Singapore was present at the IoT Asia 2018 this morning at the Singapore Expo to present this award.


IoT Asia is the region’s most established and recognized platform dedicated to the IoT, this platform fuels IoT solutions adoption, powers solutions innovation and gathers outstanding IoT companies. This IoT Asia Trailblazer Award recognize and encourage companies who have made significant contributions to the region’s IoT eco-system and community.


The award is jointly organised by SIAA and SingEx with founding partners including Institute for Infocomm Research (I²R), HutCabb Services, Linkwise Technology, Nikkei Business Publications and TCAM Technology.


Gary Kwang, Group CEO of Skylab:

Gary Kwang, SkyLab Group CEO:
“This is a very defining moment for us, we will continuously strive to provide a reliable data gathering and aggregation architecture to empower our customers to achieve real time integrated operations control and situational awareness. Helping them to increase their global real time crisis management capabilities and proactive decisions making can be realised efficiently.”

Hannover Messe 2018

  • Date: 23th to 27th April 2018, 9am to 6pm
  • Venue: Hannover Exhibition Grounds Messegelände 30521 Hannover
  • Booth: Hall 16, Stand F01

We look forward to meeting you at Hannover Messe.


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APAC CIO Outlook - Top 25 Smart City Solution Providers 2017

Singapore - In addition to being one of the key strategic steps for enterprises and governments to transform their business and operations digitally, the fundamental requirement of organizations seeking for the IoT venture revolves around three vital aspects; Security, Latency, and Scalability. A large portion of IoT is operated over a mixed of wireless and wired connectivity, which is highly susceptible to potential threats and breaches. Along with securing the network, it is highly imperative for an IoT setup to ensure the consistency and availability of data transmission as the network latency affect data harvesting process by slowing it down. Moreover, the back end of an IoT setup needs to keep up with the front-end deployment, in order to create a scalable IoT network. Placed at the centre of addressing all these concerns is Skylab, delivering scalable IoT implementations across four core areas including the government sector, the transportation sector, utility sector, and manufacturing sector. Based out of Singapore, Skylab exhibits exceptional technical expertise, experience, and customer references specializing in industrial IoT (IIoT) services. The company facilitates data collections from various sensors and control systems, accelerating the data transmission in real-time, and empowers its clients with new insights to optimize their assets and take proactive actions. The collaborative component that Skylab brings into its application serves as a differentiating factor for the company.


The company eliminates the gap between different segments of the IoT network and brings them together to provide a completely secure and scalable IoT solution.


 Gary Kwang, Group CEO of Skylab:

“I don’t think the world is short of solutions. However, the world is short of people understanding to resolve important fundamental problems, caused by the imperfections and gaps within the network.”

With evolving city infrastructure and iterations to support the increasing bandwidth requirements from mobiles and new media streaming, Skylab extends its best foot in delivering the world-class smart city IoT solutions by enabling governments and city councils to provide better transportation, energy efficient public infrastructure and housing, better healthcare through IIoT. The company helps in deploying sensors, cameras, and controllers to gather real-time data and video to provide integrated operations, security surveillance. The real-time data also offers insights to facilitate efficient engineering maintenance, such as transport vehicle breakdown, traffic conditions, energy efficiency, and consumption of buildings.


In order to address the mission-critical elements of security, latency, and scalability, Skylab designed its solutions to comply with requirements of its customers. Skylab provides Skylab Transport Accelerator (STA), which enables the clients to achieve significant improvement of many data transmission parameters such as latency, jitter, throughput, and response time. The company operates with three divisions that specialize in consulting, developing cloud and software solution, and providing network and communications engineering. The consulting team gets in contact with the clients to understand their requirements, the cloud and networking engineering team then implements the cloud and software technology and network infrastructure ensuring highest standards of impenetrable security and an easy to maintain system enduring the scalability factor. In order to mitigate IoT deployment challenges surfacing on difficult operating terrains, Skylab came up with a new breed of gateway this year; GDX. The GDX enables a multiplay wireless approach depending on customers’ preferences. The product addresses critical deployment issues like remote locations, lack of power source and limited backhaul choices faced by customers.


 Gary Kwang, Group CEO of Skylab:

“We leverage our industry expertise, technology innovation, and solution to deliver the business outcome our customers desired and help them achieve significant financial returns, cost savings, and operational excellence”


 In addition to providing deep subject matter expertise, Skylab also guides its customers to fast track their digital transformation and achieve desired outcomes cost-effectively.

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